A kindergarten where kids feel “like home”

Visual Identity · Naming · Concept · Branding · Logo · Website


December 2016-March 2017

- Develop a concept and branding for a new kindergarten, based on the client’s needs.
- Set up a website.

My role:
Principal designer in charge of the project

Project Type:
Studio client of SquadOne/Creative Affairs

- Naming, Concept & Branding
- Logo and tagline
- Website


The client asked us to propose 2 concepts for a new kindergarten.

She wanted to focus on two different ideas:
1. “Home”: Knowing that a kindergarten can never substitute a home, she still wanted to convey that feeling.
2. “Nature”: Her kindergarten counts with an open-air backyard of over 300m2 and she wanted to explore options around this idea.

mindmaps and doodles
presentation slides

Final concept

The client decided to go with the “HOME”-concept, which was subsequently developed further.

Here, the presentation for the client:



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